Increase your customer base with EDDM

Use EDDM to target customers who matter to you the most. By selecting specific local neighborhoods or ZIP codes you can custom tailor the areas that you want to mail to. No mailing lists or experience required.

What Is EDDM?

EDDM stands for “Every Door Direct Mail”. It means exactly what it implies: every mail stop on a carrier’s route gets a mail piece. EDDM only works with mail pieces which one dimension larger than 6 1/8” or 11 1/2” or both which gives you a very large area to tell your story. It requires that every stop on the mail carrier’s route receive a mail piece, approximately 500 (+/- 100) stops per average route. But you can pick and choose which routes you want to mail to. EDDM does provide a substantial discount on postage. On average, your postage will cost about 17.5¢ per piece, whereas standard addressed mail will cost between 26¢ – 30¢ each. To get the EDDM rate the mail must be brought to the destination delivery Post Office. The most economical size to print is a 6.5”x9” piece. EDDM is ideal for business to consumer as most routes have a high number of residential addresses.

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